Elkhart Lake

There are a few cities in the United States that are steeped in road racing history. Watkins Glenn, NY and Elkhart Lake, WI immediately come to mind. In the 1950s sports car races were held on the town streets lined with hay bales. Take 10 minutes and watch this amazing documentary . It is well worth it. Go ahead, I’ll wait….

Can you imagine averaging 70 MPH in one of those open topped cars wearing a leather helmet? Talk about cajones.

To pay homage to the town’s racing heritage, the Chicago Region PCA holds a racecar parade Saturday night after qualifying. The police close the streets and escort the racecars around the old circuit, finishing downtown. Sports car and racing fans come out to mingle and chat. Kids climb in the cars and take photos. We have a catered dinner in front of historic Siebkin’s bar and are escorted back through downtown to the track at 9pm sharp.

It was a hell of a good time. Sarah got to drive the Boxster and loved it. How often do you get to pin the throttle on a city street in a racecar?

I can’t think of a better way to spend a holiday weekend. Enjoy the eye candy, and join us next year.


Club Racing News

About a month ago Skip Carter, editor of the Porsche Club Racing News, emailed me to apologize that he did not have time to ask permission before a photo of my car was published on the cover. To make up for it, he said I could write a guest artrice in the next edition. Crafty one, that Skip. Pulled the old Tom Sawyer trick '-ain’t painting this fence fun?’

The magazine is published quarterly since 2016 and has never featured a Boxster on the front cover. Since that time, Spe Boxster has become PCA Club Racing’s premier class. Glad we got some love.

CRN Boxster front cover.jpg
CRN edit_Page_1.jpg

Here is a link to the full edition.

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Bimmer for the winter

Bimmer for the winter

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