TraqGear Podium Coolshirt


Get hot in the race car? Don't like being flammable? TraqGear's got your back. Literally.

I got tired of waiting for the Coolshirt version of the Superlight to be released and ordered the Podium version. Apparently there were some engineering issues to overcome involving the stitching that has delayed it's release.

In any case, I'm quite pleased with the Podium.

Although the material is denser and heavier than the Superlight, the stretch panels along the sides are quite breathable.

It is also by far the most comfortable flame retardant Coolshirt in my collection. 

The others I've tried are so thick I've resorted to turning them inside out so that the tubing is directly against my skin. That stitching can be quite abrasive. I used to come back from a race weekend looking like a bad junior high make out session- covered in hickeys.

The Podium is thin enough I get plenty of cooling with the tubing right side out.

The fit is just about right. The medium suits my build well, although it could stand to be a few inches shorter. 

It has an athletic cut, slim but not restrictive. Nor do you have to dislocate your shoulder to get out of it.

The sleeve length is right on, and the collar is perfect. 

I would trade every other SFI rated Coolshirt in my bag for this one. 

Head over to Discovery Parts and order one before the temperatures rise. 

Stay tuned for tales of more racing exploits and a review of the TraqGear Superlight pants.