AiM MXL2 Dash

AiM released their new generation of dashes this year, with the MXL2 replacing the old but reliable MXL design.

mxl2 dash

The MXL2 adds a backlit display, GPS integration, some slick new software, WiFi, and color warning/shift lights, allowing a wide range of adjustability to suit driver preferences.

The MXL2 is paired with RaceStudio 3 (RS3), the new AiM desktop software interface that allows for data downloading, dash configuration, and firmware updates. AiM is quick to release new products that are still a little rough around the edges, but the software and firmware updates come fast and often, so by the time you notice a glitch it has likely been fixed with the latest patches.

Configuration is very simple, with drop down lists to make selection easy and intuitive.
To assist in engine monitoring and tuning, we've added optional AiM sensors for air/fuel ratio, oil pressure, water temperature, and fuel pressure.

For driver coaching, AiM brake pressure and throttle position sensors have been installed, along with the newest AiM camera - the SmartyCam HD2. The SmartyCam charges from the AiM dash, starts and stops recording via automated dash commands, and thus is a truly hands-off device making missed recordings a thing of the past.

The customizable alarms for the MXL2 are programmable from a very polite "pardon me, driver but have a look at this when you get a chance" momentary warning light to a stern "SHUT THE CAR DOWN NOW, YOU IDIOT!" red background accompanied by all the flashing lights of a fire brigade.

red is dead


Data analysis is currently handled by the Race Studio Analysis software used by the older systems, which was and is quite user friendly. At the time of this writing the data still needs to be downloaded via cable, which is a real drag, but rest assured there is already Beta software being tested that will allow users to download the data wirelessly via the MXL2's built in WiFi. This is a feature we're greatly looking forward to.

Having used MoTeC, Traqmate, CDS, RacePak, and several other brands of data acquisition, we're quite impressed with the features and quality of the latest AiM offerings. The pricing for the MXL2 dash is $1999, and fully optioned with the camera and additional sensors we have installed is approximately $4300.