Alpinestars 2016 Tech 1-ZX

A new year, and some new gear. Time to cash in those holiday gift cards and update your racing wardrobe.

For me, that included a new pair of driving gloves. No matter how high end you go with these, it seems like they only take a season or two worth of abuse.  My previous pair developed a split in the seam along the thumb. I love these gloves and was tempted to have my tailor fix them until I noticed how bare the palms had become. 

As soon as the 2017 line was released, I snapped up a pair of the 2016 Alpinestars Tech 1-ZX for 25% off. 

The updates are small, but noteworthy. The biggest difference in construction is the external seams along the fingers. I was skeptical until I tried them on.  They look a bit unfinished, but are smooth and comfortable on the inside. If you are the type of person who cuts all of the tags out of your shirts, you'll appreciate them.

Hopefully this also equates to increased durability in the stitching. 

The tactile surfaces on the fingertips and palm has also been redesigned. The silicone is soft and grippy, a welcome upgrade.

The fit remains perfect. They've kept the flared cuff I like so much. It gives you something to grab when pulling them on, and it fits easily over the wrist of my suit. 

My only gripe is that they no longer offer them in red.