AlpineStars ZX EVO Pants


I picked up some new 100 mph undies after My TraqGear skivvies blew out like a Pirelli psychosoft tire pushed two laps too far. 

Its a shame, I really liked the TraqGear concept. But they fell apart in less than a season, and that was the replacement pair.  The first ones tore at the seam. The long pants never fit right, too tight in the thighs with very little stretch. Also, the natural fiber absorbs water and lengthens. After a hot practice session the waistband nearly doubled in size. 

So I sprung for the top of the line offering from AlpineStars. They're designed for F1, so they gotta be good, right? Worth the $150 price tag? 

In a word, yes.

The Lenzing FR fiber is incredibly soft and breathes better than Nomex. Once I put them on they were so comfortable I forgot about them. Exactly what you want from a baselayer. 

AlpineStars must use Nico Hulkenberg as their model. They run skinny and long. I ordered a small and the fine folks at DiscoveryParts sent me an email and recommended a M/L instead.

The fit in the waist and thighs were perfect. They're so long I had to double them over at the cuffs. Even with that, they were still comfortable and never felt hot. I'll have to take them to my tailor and get them brought down to Alonso length.

Durability remains to be seen as I've only put them through one race weekend. 

Maybe they'll make a Coolshirt version.......